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Screw and nut: no matter how serious the rust is, I'll show you how to loosen it

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Screw and nut are also common fasteners in our daily life, but rust is also a common problem phenomenon of screw and nut, and it is the most desired way for us to screw out the rusty screw and nut easily. According to the understanding of screw and nut knowledge, China standard parts network, here, share with you about the rust of screw and nut, no matter how serious the rust is, Teach you a good way to loosen it.

Method 1. Knock to help the rusty screws and nuts to loosen and unscrew
In the process of use, if the rust is not very serious, and it is the larger screw nut, we can use the method of knocking to loosen the screw nut. The rusted screws seem to be very strong, but only some rust is used to fix them. Sometimes the method of knocking has effect. One hand holds the wrench to fix the screws, the other hand holds the hammer to knock the tail position of the wrench. You can knock it with small force first, and then increase the force properly if you still can't screw it. Be careful with the force. If you don't have experience, knock it slowly, So as not to knock.
If it is loose, it can be unscrewed. It can not only keep the screws intact, but also speed up.

Method 2. Remove rust stains with carbonated beverage and easily screw out screws and nuts
The carbonated beverage contains carbonated acid. Carbonated acid can react with iron oxide in rust. In the reaction process, the rust will gradually disappear or be softened, and natural screws and nuts will not be rusted. This method may be slow. You can prepare a spray pot for continuous spraying, and use a wrench to gently pull back and forth to try to loosen it.
After a few minutes, it will be OK. If the rust is serious, it needs to be prolonged. After unscrewing, remember to use clear water to mix carbonated drinks or replace with new screws. Otherwise, it will be easy to continue to rust.

Method 3. Alcohol + white vinegar + detergent to remove rust stains and easily screw out the screws and nuts
Add some water to the bottle, then pour in two bottles of alcohol, two bottles of white vinegar, two bottles of detergent, shake evenly. Pour some on the screws and let them stand for a few minutes, then turn them gently with a wrench. The rusty screws can be loosened immediately, and the screws can be removed easily.
This method is similar to carbonated drinks, but it has a reaction with iron oxide. It can be mixed and then put into a spray pot for spraying directly. The speed is similar to using carbonated drinks, and the method is the same.

It's the most suitable way to screw out the common rusty screws and nuts at home. It's easy for us to screw them out.
These loosening methods for rusty screws and nuts must be remembered that we often encounter this problem in our daily life. We may as well try these methods to see if we can easily unscrew the screws and nuts?

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