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Integrity is Gold, Quality is Principal Basing Yongnian to Win Market Shares with Technology and Quality Mr. Guo Zhiqiang President of Handan City Ruiqiang

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As the city of China fastener, Handan Yongnian in Hebei Province is the biggest distributing center and manufacturing center in China. The amount of its output and sales account for near a half of that of the whole country. Journalist of ChinaFastener Magazine interviewed Mr. Guo Zhiqiang, president of Handan City Ruiqiang Fastening Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to talk about his business philosophy. 

Founded in 2002, the company now covers an area of 7000 square meters, with more than 20 professionals and technicians. It’s mainly engaged in manufacturing, R&D and sales of light hexagon bolts and nuts in all domestic and foreign standards, equipped with advanced fully-automatic cold heading machines. Having strong technical force, it can produce complete range of bolts with thorough testing measures. Mr. Guo introduced, “Reasonable prices of our products, reliable quality and prompt delivery help us gain great reputations from plenty of clients and consumers.”

The company mainly produce hex bolt and nut, and it can customize various non-standard bolts nuts and ancillary products according to customer requirements. These products are applicable to infrastructure, bridges, machinery, equipment and other high-tech industry. Mr. Guo told the journalist, “I operate our company in good faith and develop it based on good product quality. With many years of experience in production, our products are improving step by step and every year there is a breakthrough.”

What’s more, after more than 15-year development, the company have obtained outstanding achievements and passed various tests and approvals. It passed IS09001:2000 international quality management system certification and in 2003 it won an award “Trustworthy Product in The Seventh Consumer Trustworthy Products in Hebei Province”. The quality of products is underwritten by the People's Insurance Company of China. In 2006, the company was awarded as Qualified Enterprises with Qualified Products in Hebei Province Standard Fastener Industry. In 2007 it was rated as A Enterprise Abiding by Contract and Keeping Promises. RUIQUN hexagon bolt, its registered trademark, was named “Well-known Trademark of Hebei Province in 2014 and was rated as “Famous-brand Products of Hebei Province” in 2016.

Since June 2017, to respond to the policy for environmental protection of China government, the company positively cooperated with relevant environmental protection department to control pollution, to standardize its production and to further improve the whole company which found a foundation for the company’s sustainable development.

Relying on years of production experience and technology, and perfect after-sales service system, Handan Ruiqiang has established long-term cooperation relations with many domestic and foreign enterprises and exports its products to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions. Regarding to the future, Mr. Guo said that he will lead the company to take Yongnian as their base, insist the service tenet “Integrity is Gold, Quality is Principal”, devote themselves to achieve all-win situation, and strive to develop a better future for fastener industry with all fastener practitioners together.

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